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Syntethic Grass

Lush Green Lawn Safe For Family & Pets

Enjoy hassle-free lawns with a warranty, where maintenance becomes a worry of the past.

Synthetic Grass

Turf Solutions For Home Owners

Discover tailored artificial grass solutions for homeowners that elevate your outdoor space with NoCo Turf Co's premium artificial grass installations.



Explore our user-friendly DIY Portal, empowering you to transform your space with ease and confidence using NoCo Turf Co's expert guidance.

DingleBerry PG

Backyard Putting Greens

Elevate your golf game and create a golfer's paradise at home with our custom-designed backyard putting greens,


Artificial Grass for Pets

Create a pet-friendly haven with artificial grass solutions, providing a safe and comfortable space for your furry companions to play and relax.

About Us

Designed To Replicate Best Natural Grass feel

Our artificial grass is meticulously designed to replicate the lush aesthetics and soft feel of the best natural grass. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our artificial grass emulates the vibrant greenery, natural texture, and resilience found in premium natural grass. The advanced technology behind our artificial grass ensures a realistic appearance that enhances the visual appeal of any space while offering the practical benefits of low maintenance and durability. Whether for residential lawns, commercial landscapes, or sports fields, our artificial grass is a testament to our commitment to providing a high-quality, natural-looking alternative that stands the test of time. Bring the beauty of a pristine natural grass to your surroundings with our thoughtfully designed artificial grass from NoCo Turf Co.

Our Service

Total Care For Your Lawns


Transform your landscape with NoCo Turf Co's premium artificial grass, bringing year-round greenery and beauty to your outdoor spaces.

white dog on an artificial grass

Pet Friendly

Ensure a pet-friendly environment with NoCo Turf Co's artificial grass, providing a comfortable and durable solution for your furry friends to enjoy.


Elevate your commercial space with NoCo Turf Co's artificial grass solutions, combining aesthetics with durability for a low-maintenance and inviting landscape.

Putting Green

Perfect your putt at home with NoCo Turf Co's custom-designed artificial putting greens, bringing the golf course experience right to your backyard.

two person mowing artificial grass yard


Enhance the performance and longevity of your artificial grass with NoCo Turf Co's high-quality infills, carefully selected to provide optimal support and durability.

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Why Choose Us

Your yard is our top priority

Choose NoCo Turf Co for a seamless blend of expertise, premium materials, and personalized solutions – ensuring your satisfaction and a vibrant, long-lasting transformation of your outdoor space.

Trusted Expertise

Rely on NoCo Turf Co's seasoned professionals for expert artificial grass services, backed by years of industry experience.

Premium Materials

Opt for quality with NoCo Turf Co's premium artificial grass materials, ensuring durability, UV-resistance, and a natural aesthetic.

Tailored Solutions

Experience personalized service with NoCo Turf Co, offering customized artificial grass solutions for your unique project needs.

How we work

A difference you can see and feel

Our Projects

Come Home to Paradise

Master your putt with NoCo Turf Co’s backyard golf greens, bringing the golf course experience home.

Transform your outdoors effortlessly with NoCo Turf Co’s versatile landscaping range.

Elevate your lifestyle with NoCo Turf Co’s diverse range, bringing style and functionality to your outdoor living spaces.

Unleash your athletic potential with NoCo Turf Co’s high-performance sports range, designed for durability and optimal play.

Complete your artificial grass project seamlessly with NoCo Turf Co’s accessories range, offering essential and high-quality fittings for a perfect finish.

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